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Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve™, which consists of a 2-way characterised control valve, volumetric flow meter, temperature sensors and an actuator with integrated logic, combines the five functions of measuring, controlling, balancing, shutting and monitoring energy into a single unit. Unique functions such as the Delta-T manager or the possibility of direct power control provide clarity, increase efficiency and cut costs. The device is classified as BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) with support for BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP.

Model(s)Market EU (Europe):
e.g. EV015R+BAC
e.g. EV050R+BAC
e.g. P6065W800EV-BAC
e.g. P6150W4500EV-BAC
Market AM (America):
e.g. LRX24-EV+EV050S-055
e.g. ARX24-EV+EV200S-761-B
e.g. ARX24-EV+EV250S-50-127
e.g. GKRX24-EV+EV600S-713
Market AP (Asia / Pacific):
e.g. EV015R+BAC
e.g. EV050R+BAC
e.g. SRU24LP-65+EV-65-800
e.g. GRU24LP-150+EV-150-4500
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedMarch 2014






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