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WEBVISION 5 implies the effective interaction of all automation systems and further components of the technical building services. The open system architecture, the application of world-wide standards and uniform interfaces provide maximum flexibility for the implementation of integration solutions. WEBVISION 5 supports standard protocols like BACnet, Meter bus, Modbus and OPC which allows the integration of third-party products. The BACnet standard in WEBVISION 5 which is supported by the BACnet Advanced Workstation profile ensures an open communication, the compatibility with products from other manufacturers and the energy-saving and reliable operation of plants.
WEBVISION 5, particularly in combination with the certified automation system DIGICONTROL ems2 - BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) / BACnet Protocol Revision: 1.14 / DIN EN ISO 16484-5 / AMEV Profile: AS-B, constitutes a highly effective tool for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.
The trend module allows to evaluate historical plant data and to process notification statistics and value/status changes in connection with logged trend or event data.
The alarm and event module is used for processing and visualising events and notifications of the building automation system. The module meets the requirements of VDI/VDE 3699 sheet 5 (Process control with screens, alarm messages).
The user management allows the administration of complex user structures and user roles with various rights.
WEBVISION 5 realises a three-dimensional visualisation and animation of technical building services on basis of scalable vector graphics. The freely adjustable and loss-free scalability is one of the essential characteristics and benefits in contrast to the conventional visualisation by means of raster graphics. Unlike the standard graphic zoom which scales the details of objects up or down, the semantic zoom modifies the graphical representation, the display of the structure and the selection of data.

Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation
BTL ListedDecember 2016






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