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BACnet Operator Display Panel

The NVT series is a BACnet Operator Display Panel for BACnet systems. It connects directly to the MS/TP LAN of a BACnet system and can be wall- mounted or panel-mounted. It has intuitive touch screen TFT LCD which can display animation and full-color graphics enable access to real-time data and energy management features, operator can use hand touch screen control way to query and adjust system values. The NVT series can display English, Simplified
Chinese, or Traditional Chinese languages. The communications design and messaging structure of NVT series comply with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2008, BACnet. The NVT series provides a low-cost alternative to the BACnet operator terminal architecture. It is quite suitable for smaller installations and buildings where a BACnet operator terminal solution is not required. The NVT series Operator Display Panel integrates seamlessly with your BACnet system.

Model(s)NVT28U, NVT35U, NVT70P, NVT70PE
Profile(s)BACnet Operator Display
BTL ListedJuly 2012






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