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The COSMOS 4100 OPEN controller is designed as a native BACnet controller. It supports the BACnet protocol acc. to the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard with up to 4000 BACnet objects. The COSMOS 4100 OPEN is tested acc. to DIN EN 16484-6 and BTL/WSPLab Test Plan. It is certified to the rules by BACnet Interest Group Europe and BTL listed.
The COSMOS 4100 OPEN can be set up as a redundant system. It supports up to 4000 physical data points. Moreover, the controller COSMOS 4100 OPEN supports the BACnet Device Profile „BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)“. It can be used simultaneously as a BACnet Server, BACnet Client and BACnet Router.

Model(s)DS-4100 C1 OPEN, DS-4100 C2 OPEN
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedJune 2011






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