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Frequency Converter with BACnet Communication module

Danfoss Drives VLT ® HVAC Drive is the first Variable Frequency Drive to offer a single BACnet solution in either a stand-alone VFD or fully integrated Variable Frequency Drive and Electronically or Electro-Mechanically controlled bypass option package. With one BACnet interface you can communicate with and control both the VFD and/or the bypass option. The VLT HVAC Drive BACnet solution eliminates the challenge and confusion of having separate BACnet solutions for the VFD and bypass option panel.

The standard VLT HVAC Drive connection is MS/TP, RS485-based; and it supports all BIBBs defined by the BACnet standard profile for an Application Specific Controller (B-ASC). VLT HVAC BACnet provides the capability to control and monitor the VFD and/or bypass panel, including all analog and digital inputs and outputs and extendable I/O (multiple PI Loops) options and dedicated HVAC functionality available. Thereby making it the first truly integrated and broadest application oriented, seamless solution for variable speed fan, pump and compressor HVAC applications.

VLT HVAC BACnet also lets you easy synchronise the VFD?s internal real-time clock with the BMS clock, eliminating the need to change time due to daylight saving, or exchanging batteries in battery backed up real-time clocks. To maximize BACnet performance VLT HVAC BACnet utilizes alarm- and notification objects which lets the VLT HVAC Drive monitor analog values and only sends messages when an alarm occurs significantly reducing network traffic.

Model(s)FC102, MCA109, MCO104
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedMarch 2008






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