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Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™

Optimize Your Building Performance

?EBI integrates diverse facility and business systems onto a single, security-enhanced platform for strategic control and optimized performance.

?Improve operational efficiency ? Centralized monitoring, control and reporting enable a complete view of your facility to simplify everyday tasks and empower facility managers to do more with less

?Turn knowledge into power ? Transform data from disparate systems into actionable, easy-to-understand information, enabling you to optimize your building performance and make timely, informed decisions

?Gain greater insight and control ? Integrate and manage HVAC, energy management, security, digital video and life safety applications from a single workstation

?Reduce costs ? Intelligent integration streamlines processes, simplifies training, decreases false alarms, improves asset utilization and optimizes building performance for cost savings

?Optimize energy efficiency ? Real-time view into facility operations and trend analysis provide insight to optimize your energy management strategies and minimize operational costs.

?Open, Flexible and Scalable - A powerful combination of open systems protocols, Enterprise Web Services (EWS) and scalable architecture, EBI can be tailored to your facility?s unique requirements, creating a platform for future expansion.

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