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The compact PowerLogic EM4800 series multi-circuit energy meter from Schneider Electric enables reliable metering of individual tenants with a low installation cost-per-point by combining revenue-accurate electricity sub-metering with advanced communications technology. It is ideal for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers and other multi-user environments.
The PowerLogic EM4800 series meters monitor up to 24 tenants with a single device. Multiple meters can be combined to support an unlimited number of suites.

The EM4800 meter is a high density metering product designed for multi-tenant billing and cost allocation purposes. It is configurable to support 24 single element, 12 two element or 8 three phase elements. It measures active, reactive and apparent energy, delivered and received. Multiple hardware variants support 120V L-N, 208-240V L-N, 416-480V L-L using a selection of 80mA secondary output transformers or 333mV secondary output transducers. The units and associated CTs are typically installed in an electrical room or a multi-tenant environment. The CTs are typically installed in an electrical panel.

Model(s)METSQEM488016, METSQEM480516, METSQEM483316, METSEEM488016, METSEEM488026, METSEEM488025, METSEEM480516, METSEEM480526, METSEEM480525, METSEEM483316, METSEEM483326, METSEEM483325, E488010SQD, E488030SQD, 488020SQD, E480510SQD, E480530SQD, E480520SQD, 483310SQD, E483330SQD, E483320SQD
Profile(s)BACnet Smart Actuator
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