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BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
BACnet Operator WorkstationENS-BAC-AWS3.6.35PICSJuly 2011

BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
StruxureWare Building Operation Automation ServerAS1.3PICSMay 2013
StruxureWare Building Operation Enterprise ServerSW-ES1.3PICSMay 2013
BACnet Operator WorkstationENS-BAC-OWS3.6.35PICSJuly 2011

BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
SmartX Controller Automation ServerAS-P, AS-B1.9PICSSeptember 2016
bCX1 Controller/RouterbCX1-CR4.5PICSJuly 2013
StruxureWare Building Operation Automation ServerAS1.3PICSMay 2013
StruxureWare Building Operation Enterprise ServerSW-ES1.3PICSMay 2013
I/A Series® G3 ENC, TRD-T, TRD-J, TRD-NXSENC-410-1, ENC-410-1-N, ENC-520-2, ENC-520-2-N, ENC-SW-1M TRD-T-603, TRD-T-603-N, TRD-T-645, TRD-T-645-N TRD-J-200, TRD-J-600, TRD-J-600-USA, TRD-J-600E, TRD-J-600E-USA TRD-NXS-FL-G3, TRD-NXS-HD-G33.6PICSMarch 2013
I/A Series® G3 TRD-NXTT-NXT-FL-G3, T-NXT-HD-G33.6PICSMarch 2013
bCX1 Controller/RouterbCX1-CR4.5PICSApril 2008
Enterprise Network ControllerENC-4XX-XXX, ENC-5XX-XXX3.2.20 or higherPICSApril 2008

BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
System Controller - b3608System Controller - b36084.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3624System Controller - b36244.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3800System Controller - b38004.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3804System Controller - b38044.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3810System Controller - b38104.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3814System Controller - b38144.5PICSJuly 2013
System Controller - b3920System Controller - b39204.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3850Terminal Controller - b38504.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3851Terminal Controller - b38514.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3853Terminal Controller - b38534.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3865Terminal Controller - b38654.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3865-VTerminal Controller - b3865-V4.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3866Terminal Controller - b38664.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3866-VTerminal Controller - b3866-V4.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3867Terminal Controller - b38674.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3885Terminal Controller - b38854.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3885-VTerminal Controller - b3885-V4.5PICSJuly 2013
Terminal Controller - b3887Terminal Controller - b38874.5PICSJuly 2013
Controller/Router - b4920b49204.200014PICSMay 2004

BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
PM5500 Power Meter SeriesPM5560/61/62/63, PM5562MC, PM5563RD, PM5564RD/ 64RDMC2.3.0PICSFebruary 2016
SE8000 SeriesSE8300U0B00, SE8300U0B11, SE8300U5B00, SE8300U5B11, SE8350U0B00, SE8350U0B11, SE8350U5B00, SE8350U5B11, SE8600U0B00, SE8600U0B11, SE8600U5B00, SE8600U5B11, SE8650U0B00, SE8650U0B11, SE8650U5B00, SE8650U5B11, SER8300A0B00, SER8300A0B11, SER8300A5B00, SER8300A5B11, SER8350A0B00, SER8350A0B11, SER8350A5B00, SER8350A5B11, SER8300A0B00LTD, SER8300A0B11LTD1.3PICS not providedJune 2015
VT8000 SeriesVT8300U5000B, VT8300U5500B, VT8350U5000B, VT8350U5500B, VT8600U5000B, VT8600U5500B, VT8650U5000B, VT8650U5500B, VTR8300A5000B, VTR8300A5500B, VTR8350A5000B, VTR8350A5500B, VTR8300A5000BLTD1.3PICS not providedJune 2015
C-Bus Network Automation Controller5500NAC, LSS5500NAC1.0PICS not providedNovember 2014
homeLYnkLSS1001001.3PICSNovember 2014
spaceLYnkLSS1002001.1PICSNovember 2014
Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller5500SHAC, LSS5500SHAC1.0PICS not providedNovember 2014
iEM3165 Energy MeteriEM31652.0.0PICSJune 2013
iEM3265 Energy MeteriEM32652.0.0 PICSJune 2013
iEM3365 Energy MeteriEM33652.0.0PICSJune 2013
iEM3565 Energy MeteriEM35652.0.0PICS not providedJune 2013
iEM3465 Energy MeteriEM34652.0.0PICS not providedJune 2013
I/A Series® MicroNet™ Unitary ControllerMNB-3001.432PICSMay 2013
I/A Series® MicroNet™ VAV ControllerMNB-V21.432PICSMay 2013
I/A Series® MicroNet™ VAV ControllerMNB-V11.432PICSMay 2013
I/A Series® MicroNet™ Zone ControllerMNB-701.432PICSMay 2013
Schneider Electric Relay Panel LPB BACnetSERPBC6001.1PICSJanuary 2013
I/A Series® MicroNet™ Plant ControllerMNB-10001.515PICSFebruary 2012
SoHVAC M168 Controller with BACnet IP communication module TM168BACWTM168BACW in TM168B23S, TM168BACW in TM168B23CS, TM168BACW in TM168D23, TM168BACW in TM1268D23CS1.8PICSOctober 2011
SoHVAC M168 Controller with BACnet MS/TP communication module TM168BACSTM168BACS in TM168B23S, TM168BACS in TM168B23CS, TM168BACS in TM168D23, TM168BACS in TM1268D23CS1.07PICSOctober 2011
ATV212ATV212abbbccc where a: H, W bbb: 075, U15, U22, U30, U40, U55, U75, D11, D15, D18, D22, D30, D37, D45, D55, D75 ccc: M3X, N4, N4C, N4SFirmware Revision: v5.2 Application Software Version: v184PICSJune 2011
SEZ7260 Gen2 Zoning System Zone ThermostatSEZ7260F, SEZ7260C1.50.01PICS not providedOctober 2009
SEZ7656X Gen2 Zoning System Rooftop ThermostatSEZ7656R, SEZ7656H, SEZ7656F, SEZ7656E1.50.01PICS not providedOctober 2009
SE7200 series ? Floating, On/Off or Analog (0-10Vdc) Thermostat for Zoning applicationSE7200C, SE7200F2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)PICS not providedNovember 2006
SE7300 series ? On/Off, Floating or Analog (0-10Vdc) Thermostat with or without RH sensor and Dehumidification feature for 2 & 4 Pipes Fan-Coil unit for Hotels/Lodging or Commercial applicationsSE7300C, SE7350C, SE7305C, SE7355C, SE7300F, SE7350F, SE7305F, SE7355F2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)PICS not providedNovember 2006
SE7600 series ? Programmable or non-programmable multi-state thermostat for Roof Top or Heat Pump unit applicationsSE7652A, SE7652B, SE7652H, SE7656B, SE7600A, SE7600B, SE7600H, SE7605B, SE7607B, SE7657B, SE7652W, SE7652F, SE7656E, SE7600W, SE7600F, SE7606E3.5.07 (tested v2.1.03)PICS not providedNovember 2006
SER7300 SeriesSER7300A, SER7305A, SER7350A, SER7355A2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)PICS not providedNovember 2006

BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
EM4800METSQEM488016, METSQEM480516, METSQEM483316, METSEEM488016, METSEEM488026, METSEEM488025, METSEEM480516, METSEEM480526, METSEEM480525, METSEEM483316, METSEEM483326, METSEEM483325, E488010SQD, E488030SQD, 488020SQD, E480510SQD, E480530SQD, E480520SQD, 483310SQD, E483330SQD, E483320SQD1PICSOctober 2012






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