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BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
TotalControlTC-BAC, TC-BACUNL, TC-STUDIO3.3PICSApril 2012

BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
BACstageBAC-50001.0PICSNot BTL Listed
Total ControlTC-BAC3.1PICSNot BTL Listed

BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
Building ControllerBAC-A1616CE1.2.0.8PICSMarch 2009

BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
Conquest Advanced Application ControllersBAC‑5901C,
R1.1.0.0PICSFebruary 2017
FlexStat BACnet Programmable Thermostats, BAC-10000 SeriesBAC-1xx30C BAC-1xx36C BAC-1xx63C 2012
FlexStat™ BACnet Programmable Thermostats, BAC-12xxxx/13xxxx/14xxxx SeriesBAC-12xx36C BAC-12xx36CE BAC-12xx53C BAC-12xx53CE BAC-12xx63C BAC-12xx63CE BAC-13xx36C BAC-13xx36CE BAC-13xx63C BAC-13xx63CE BAC-14xx36C BAC-14xx36CE BAC-14xx63C BAC-14xx63CE2.1.0.0PICSAugust 2012
AAC for Air Handler UnitsBAC-7301R2.0.0.0PICSMay 2005
AAC for Air Handler UnitsBAC-7301CR1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Heat Pump UnitsBAC-7401R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Heat Pump UnitsBAC-7401CR1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Roof Top UnitsBAC-7302R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Roof Top UnitsBAC-7302CR1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Variable Air Volume Terminal UnitsBAC-7001R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Variable Air Volume Terminal UnitsBAC-7051R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for VAV Fan Induction UnitsBAC-7053R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC PLC16 Direct Digital ControllerBAC-5801R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC PLC16 Direct Digital ControllerBAC-5802R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC PLC28 Direct Digital ControllerBAC-5831R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005

BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
Appstat for Fan Coil UnitBAC-4xx1CWxx01, BAC-4xx2CWxx01, BAC-4xx3CWxx01, BAC-4xx7CWxx01, BAC-4xx8CWxx01R1.0.0.15PICSOctober 2013
Appstat for Heat Pump UnitBAC-4xx1CWxx03, BAC-4xx3CWxx03R1.0.0.15PICSOctober 2013
Appstat for Roof Top UnitBAC-4xx1CWxx02, BAC-4xx3CWxx02R1.0.0.15PICSOctober 2013
Appstat for Zoning SystemBAC-4xx3W610x, BAC-4xx4W6101R1.0.11.10PICS not providedOctober 2013
Appstat, GenericBAC-4000CW000xR1.0.4.21PICSOctober 2013
ASC for Titus VAV, DDBAC-8007-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC for Titus VAV, DDBAC-8207-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC for Titus VAV, Reheat and FanBAC-8005-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC for Titus VAV, Reheat and FanBAC-8205-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC for Titus VAV, SD Cooling OnlyBAC-8001-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC for Titus VAV, SD Cooling OnlyBAC-8201-03bac80 R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
ASC RTU ControllerBAC-8304bac80 R1.0.0.3PICSAugust 2011
ASC RTU ControllerBAC-8304-56bac80 R1.0.0.3PICSAugust 2011
SimplyVAV, Cooling/HeatingBAC-8001R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
SimplyVAV, Dual DuctBAC-8007R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
SimplyVAV, Fan & ReheatBAC-8005R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
SimplyVAV, Fan & Reheat, PositionBAC-8205R1.0.0.5PICSAugust 2011
AAC for VAV Fan Induction UnitsBAC-7003R1.4.0.5PICSMay 2005
AAC for Fan Coil UnitsBAC-7303CR2.0.0.0PICSNot BTL Listed

BACnet Router (B-RTR)

ProductModelVersionDocBTL ListedCertificate
Conquest BACnet RouterBAC-5051ER1.1.0.0PICSNovember 2016






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