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Network Integration Engine

The NIE is a component of the Metasys® system extended architecture. In terms of the BACnet protocol. the NIE is a building controller and includes a user interface.
With the user interface, the NIE can monitor and supervise a network of BACnet devices. An operator views the data on a Web browser that is logged on to the Web-enables user interface of the NIE. As a building controller, other BACnet devices on the network can read and write to the BACnet objects within the NIE.
In addition the NIE can be configured as a BACnet IP to MS/TP router.

Model(s)MS-NIE29xx-xxx, MS-NIE39xx-xxx, MS-NIE49xx-2, MS-NIE59xx-2, MS-NIE59xx-3
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
DocNot available
BTL ListedNovember 2015






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