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MACH2™ BACnet Controller

Peer-to-peer BACnet® controllers accommodating eight universal inputs and eight universal outputs in the base configuration. The MACH2™ can be expanded to a total of thirty-two inputs and thirty-two outputs. The MACH2™ BACnet® controller networks to other BACnet® controllers using MS/TP over an EIA-485 port. The controller contains an EIA-232 port for direct workstation or modem connection via either BACnet® PTP or Reliable Controls® Protocol. In addition the MACH2™ BACnet® controller supports up to sixteen Reliable Controls® SMART-Sensor™ LCDs.

Model(s)M2, M2-HC, M2-B, M2-HC-B
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedAugust 2005






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