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Continuously downloading mechanical and electrical system logs into an industry standard SQL database, RC-Archive™ delivers a robust record of performance from any Internet-connected BACnet® facility. RC-Archive™ empowers facility managers to flag important trend and runtime data from their BACnet® building controllers, and have the data automatically stored onto a secure Microsoft SQL server. The archived logs can be accessed, viewed, graphed, printed, and exported to Microsoft Excel using Reliable Controls® RC-Studio®, or using a browser with RC-Reporter™, RCWebView ™ or the MACH-ProWeb™ controller. Third-party business intelligence tools such as Crystal Reports can also be used to access RC-Archive™ database tables. System administrators will appreciate the convenience of the RCArchive ™ license structure and its flexibility to configure email event notifications for an SMTP recipient list.

Model(s)RC-AR3-200, RC-AR3-200A, RC-AR3-5000, RC-AR3-S200, RC-AR3-S200A, RC-AR3-S5000
Profile(s)BACnet General
BTL ListedNovember 2012






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